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Flamecheck 1l Bottle

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FLAMECHECK 1 litre bottle (trigger spray not included)

Flamecheck M111 has BS 5852 part 2 (crib 5) for both natural fibers, mixed fibers (cotton polyester) and pure synthetics such as polyester and draylon.
Flamecheck M111 passes BS 5867 part 2 on natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics. Natural fabrics include cotton, wool, cotton backed draylon. Synthetics include nylon and mixed such as cotton poly.

Flamecheck M111 can also treat hessian, foam rubber, untreated wood, and any other item that can absorb the chemical.

Flamecheck is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid that you simply spray onto all types of material (natural or synthetic) or even untreated wood. After drying, it can not be seen.

Flamecheck is so effective that even when the intense heat of a blowtorch was directed at a treated tissue paper held in the palm of a hand, the tissue only charred.

So versatile, this is the only flame retardant you will need to treat natural and synthetic materials, carpet, hessian, foam rubber, dried flowers, untreated timber.


New materials and blends are frequently being introduced so always pre-test a sample before treatment.

Treatment lasts for the useful life of the material treated. Unaffected by years of walking (on carpets) or sitting (on furniture) or wearing (of clothes) and will withstand multiple chemical dry

Being a water based chemical, flooding or continuous water based washings or cleaning can impair the treatment.

Just one litre covers between 100 - 120 square feet

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