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Summer 2019 Mega Discount Code



It's back for Summer 2019, simply spend £200.00 and enter 'Holiday19' to get a fantastic 10% off your order:


Can only be used for orders placed online, not for telephone or email orders.

Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

If you return part of your order the discount will only remain as long as the value of the rest of the order is above £200.00

Does not apply to special order items or personalized items: cards, fobs, or tokens.

Offer will run to 31st August though we reserve the right to withdraw or suspend at anytime.


Protecting Your Home



Wherever you look for advice on the best approach to protecting your home, you will find that the best protection is to ensure that physical security is as robust as it can reasonably be.

Households most at risk are those with poor security, homes with low occupancy levels or where the occupier is young (lone parent and children.)

Many burglars gain entry through an unlocked or open window or door. While the belief may be that a professional thief has targeted your home - in reality - it is more likely that the crime is opportunist, but not necessarily amateur.

Intruder alarms and other electronic security measures will provide an effective deterrent, but should be used in conjunction with - not as a substitute for - appropriate physical security.

Some tips:

  • Lock doors and windows, even if you are at home.
  • Use good quality - to the relevant British Standard - deadlocks on all exterior doors.
  • Windows should be fitted with locks or pins. Many primary locks - such as those on patio doors - can be easily defeated.
  • Fit a chain or latch to the door - or even opt for a wide angle viewer - so that you can check who is there before you open to door.
  • Security lighting to the perimeter of your home can be a good deterrent. These can be set to react (turn on) by motion detectors. Add-on motion detectors can now be added to existing lights that don’t have them fitted as part of the assembly.
  • Timers on interior lights can be a good deterrent, if the home is unoccupied for a period of time. Timers set to turn on radios or the TV can also give the appearance that someone is home.  
  • The property should not be hidden from view by trees and shrubs. These can create a hiding place for an intruder to access the property.
  • Valuables should be marked or engraved with a unique identifier (eg a number unique to you – such as a driving license or date of birth.) If the Police recover the item, they need to be able to identify the owner.
  • Report suspicious activity to the Police.
  • Burglar alarm bell boxes should be visible. They are a valuable deterrent and provide an audible warning than an intruder is entering or is on the premises.

There is a range of electronic security systems available to protect your home - from bells-only systems to fully monitored systems and CCTV. The type of system you choose depends upon your budget and the nature of valuables you wish to protect.

Insurers will frequently offer a discount on the cost of content insurance, if you have a burglar alarm fitted by a company certificated by a body such as SSAIB - Securasound Limited are an SSAIB accredited company.


Article taken from the SSAIB web site.

ERA Price Increase


ERA have announced that due to increased production costs they will be having a general price increase from 1st July 2019, so if you have any projects in the playing stages

why not order now to avoid the hike.

Raytel Security Systems Limited


We are please to announce that we are now able to supply access control equipment form long established British access control equipment manufacturer Raytel Security Systems Limited - Click Here for the products



Free Easter Delivery



We are offering free delivery on all Easter Orders  over £50.00 net placed from today until Friday 26th April 2019

Excludes Heavy Items - including: All Safes, IBins and  Crash Bars - Free Delivery is for UK orders only. - Any items returned we will deduct the cost of the normal shipping charge - Web orders only.

Acet (Tonna) F701 Handset back in Stock


After a delay of many months we  are delighted to announce that we have the Acet (Tonna) F701  5 wire Buzzer Call handset back in stock:

undefined Click Here to Order

Vanderbilt Keys


Vanderbilt have decided that they will no longer supply replacement keys for their keypads (formerly known as Bewator & Siemens) if the number is above 10 i.e. 11 to 52.  We currently have stock of all keys, however once these are sold the only option will be to drill out the lock barrel and replace it with a new one:



ASEC Introduce New Range Of Push Button Locks



For many years ASEC Security while producing a wide range of electronic & physical security only made two different Push Button Locks, we are pleased to announce that this range has been increase to Lucky 13 Locks

For more information Visit the ASEC Push Button Lock Section of our Web Site.



Happy New Year



From everyone here at Securasound we hope you had a great Christmas and may we wish you a Happy and Busy New Year. If we can help you with any of your projects then please do not hesitate to  get in touch.

Christmas 2018


Our offices are now closed until 9am on Thursday 3rd January, if you have a Security System that has been installed or maintained by ourselves then please call our office number on 01948 667600 for details our Emergency Number if you have a problem, please do not call this number if we did not install it or have perviously serviced it. If you have a Tate Alarm please see here.

If you are looking to purchase an item from this site that you need before we return in the New Year please email us on and we will do our best to help subject to stock, any general orders placed online will be dispatched in the new year.

May we wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Secure New Year


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