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Everytime Timer

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This extremely versatile unit has TWO timer periods. Timer ‘A’ (what happens once the unit is triggered) and Timer ‘B’ (what happens after timer ‘A’ has finished). Operates on any voltage between 12 and 24V DC. Adjustable from 1 second to 64 weeks.

The unit has three basic functions:-
• Simple timer, whereby the relay state is changed, either during or after the programmed time following a trigger. This is referred to as A time.
• Cyclic timer, whereby the on and off times of the relay can be separately defined. These times are referred to as A and B times.
• Counting of trigger inputs, whereby the relay state is changed after a set number of trigger pulses have been seen.

Seven modes of operation, edge or level trigger and clean contact. High or low trigger level.



Mode 0 If a door is opened an alarm sounds for a fixed time. A reset is required after the alarm has sounded.
Mode 1 If a door is left open for a period exceeding the A time an alarm sounds. A reset is required after the alarm has sounded.
Mode 2 A machine has a cycle time of say 5 seconds. At the start of the cycle the timer starts and counts for 5 seconds, then the relay changes state. At this point the timer requires a reset and if the trigger is still active the cycle start again. If, however, it is not, the machine has jammed or malfunctioned.
Mode 3 If a sensor detects movement, lights are turned on for A time. Further movement does not extend lights on time. No reset is required.
Mode 4 Testing a dual path signalling system by opening the P.O. line once every 30 days for 15 seconds.
Mode 5 Generates a signal once every week to test a valve. The open signal will remain present until the valve signals that it is open. If this signal is longer than expected it could be used to trigger an alarm using another timer.
Mode 6 Useful for dividing the trigger inputs by up to 255. Say you need to count the number of people entering a building on a counter with only two digits and more than 100 enter.
Mode 7 “Man down” : once the timer is activated it must be deactivated within the time period (A). Failure will result in relay being activated for a set time period (B), then resetting (ready for the next starting trigger). This mode does not require a site visit to reset.

Electrical Operating Conditions
Operating voltage 12 to 24V DC, maximum ripple 2V peak to peak
Reverse power connection indicated by constant red LED
Current drain, relay not active, approximately 10mA, relay active approximately 55mA

Input Levels for Trigger or Reset
LOW: Less than 220 ohms to ground OR an input of less than 0.8 volts
HIGH: Greater than 4700 ohms to ground OR an input of greater than 4 volts
Maximum input voltage 30V
Minimum input voltage -4V
Peak current available from either pin, 5mA

Output Levels
Double pole contacts
AC: Maximum switching voltage 250 volts, maximum current 5 Amps (non inductive load)
DC: Maximum switching voltage 30 volts, maximum current 5 Amps (non inductive load)

Minimum switching level 5V @ 10mA

Enviromental Operating Conditions
Temperature range -10°C to +60°C
Maximum humidity 80% non condensing

100 X 55mm

Packing Weight
86 grams
Supplied in protective carton with 4 self adhesive fixers & full instructions.

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