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SpiderEX - STOPS Spiders

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SpiderEx has been specially developed to solve a big issue in the security industry with CCTV cameras. In the past, spiders used to build their webs and nest on CCTV cameras. This was a nuisance for security installers and people using CCTV cameras as they were not able to see the images past the webs. This is now not the case as SpiderEx combats this problem.

SpiderEx works by leaving a clear solution on the area it is sprayed that Spiders don't like. For this reason they stay away from any area SpiderEx is sprayed.


But SpiderEX can be used for non CCTV use as well:


Spiders love to make their homes in and around areas we don’t want them to!! Spiderex Spider Spray works to remove spiders and reduce spider infestation in any areas including houses, caravans and businesses and will work as effectively indoors and out.

SpiderEx Spider Spray helps reduce spider infestation along with all problems spiders cause including spider webs and build up of any spider related material.

Once sprayed on an area it will be effectively treated from spider infestation and leaves no lasting residue or discolouration of surfaces.

Benefits include:
Remove spiders from your house, business, home, caravan etc.
 Dramatically reduced false alarms in CCTV systems
 Works indoors and outside
Reduce false alarm system activations
Remove Spiders

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