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Bewator/Siemens BC615

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Regretfully stocks of both the Magstripe and Prox versions version of this product have been discontinued and we are unable to supply even for replacement of existing systems. If you are looking for a replacement system please contact us for options.


The BC615 is a compact card reader that uses an access card to allow entrance. Since access cards are personal the actual entrance can be traced back to a specific card. In combination with a personal PIN code this makes for a higher level of security and control. If someone presents a lost or stolen card to the reader but does not have the correct PIN code then access is denied.

With its impact-resistant cast metal housing, durable easy-to-press stainless steel buttons; the BC615 is suitable for either outdoor or indoor use. Installation is quick and easy since all functions are included in the unit itself, once connected to an electric lock and a power source all programming is performed directly on the BC615 buttons. The BC615 is available with two reading technologies – magnetic stripe, or Cotag.

BC615 compact card readers provide a high level of security since they only unlock the door for people who are able to present a valid personal access card – or, alternatively, both a personal access card and their own personal PIN code. An event log of up to 1,000 events is stored in the unit showing which user was where and when. So if you want to know who unlocked the main door yesterday evening at 20.00 h all you need to do is make a printout of the event log.

With the built-in calendar clock security levels can be changed depending of time of day or week. Only a card may be required during business hours, but on weekends or off hours a card and personal PIN code are required to enter. Additionally the cards that are read can be programmed to only allow access at particular times of the day or week, if desired.

The BC615 is designed to be used on a single door, but the BC615 range of compact card readers can also be connected to a SiPass® Entro system in conjunction with CR1, if so desired.

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